January 11, 2018

Time to Knit Herringweave

You may remember from a previous post, that I am currently knitting "Herringweave", by Anne Hanson.
I started back in mid-October.  Generally cardigans I knit for myself takes about 30 days to complete.  This one is taking a bit longer.  I work full-time and have all the general responsibilities of a Wife/Mother/Grandmother, so none of that has changed my knitting time.  This pattern is just bit more complicated.  There is no easy knitting rhythm to settle in to.  When knitting on the right-sides, every stitch taken must be carefully watched, to prevent mistakes. I love Anne Hanson's patterns.  They are always have a unique stitch pattern, and that is what I love about this design, so I think is will be worth it.

I've finally got the front and back on the blocking boards, and the perfect buttons selected.  When I left for a little trip to Texas, during the Christmas break, I was sure that sleeves would easily be finished during nearly a full week endless knitting.  That was not the case.  I'm still knitting away, but haven't even reached the underarm decreases yet.  

This little cabin on the lake is where we stayed for a much needed rest.  It was quiet and beautiful, and you can see my knitting sitting on the chair.  We spent 7 restful days at a ranch near San Antonio, while my husband, daughter and son-in-law did some hunting.  Even though I didn't reach my knitting goal, I had a wonderful time.  The Ranch Owners are fabulous people, and made us feel so welcome, with lots of comfort food and some historical home tours.

We even managed to make a little day trip to visit my nephews, who just moved there, and to the Magnolia Market Silos in Waco.  Both were so fun to see.

The holidays are always so full of fun and family, but now that January is here, it is time for some New Year planning.
Here is my upcoming knitting project.  This is Rohrspatz & Wollmeise DK, in the color: "O RH Negative."  I thought it really funny that the color was actually a bloodtype.  The yarn does look like blood.
My plan is to make a "Custom Fit" version of this sweater, which belongs to Jana Jankeena.  She hasn't written a pattern for this design, but she has given some direction on her Ravelry page about how she did it.  I'm really excited to give it a try.  I have knit one of her patterns before, and it was amazing.  She combines both hand and machine knitting in her sweaters.
January also brings my husband's birthday, and he likes to celebrate with a night on the town with our adult children and teenage grandchildren.  This is our annual group selfie, which is always taken on an escalator.  This works really well, until we all pile-up at the bottom.
It was really cold that night in SLC, and my two oldest daughters both chose to wear their matching coats and hats.  Who do you think knit those hats?

I hope 2018 brings you great success in your knitting projects and the rest of your lives.  Happy Knitting!!

December 12, 2017

Warning -- a non-knitting post

It has been a long time coming . . . in fact it has been 10 years in the making, but we have finally finished the re-vamping of our kitchen.

Painted cabinets, walls and furniture; new granite countertops; a new sink; hardwood floors; and a custom built barn door.  I just love it!  Here are some pictures of all the new, along with some of our old, that I still love, such as:  the teacup chandelier, the magnetic spice rack, my pumpkin dishes, and a great cutting board.  Otherwise, the wall art, the window blinds, and everything else is new.  We carried the wood flooring into the living room and up the stairs into the hallway.

This is the Christmas version of our decorating, but you get the idea.  Many THANKS to Tyler for the great granite counters.  And to Kevin, Hunter & Trever, for helping Steve lay the floor and for crawling around in the attic to move the electrical.  And especially to Steve for doing everything else, including using his alpaca shears to cut-down the nap of our new entryway rug, which was too tall to accommodate the opening of the front door.  He can always turn my poor judgment in purchasing into a "WIN".  I am so happy with everything!

Speaking of our alpacas . . . we have 16 now (12 females and 4 males).  Last Sunday morning, we took these two little cuties out to feed them.  They were so brave, and hand-fed little treats to them through the fence.  You can see we were all ready for church and we really enjoyed our time with them.

No knitting talk this time . . . although my "Herringweave" cardigan is coming along nicely.  I'm about to start the decrease for the arm scythes on the front pieces.  We'll be travelling after Christmas, which will be the perfect time to finish it up.  Have a Merry Christmas . . . and I'll be back in the New Year.

November 15, 2017

Gift Knitting

Every year at Christmas, I have a long list of Christmas gift knitting to do.  This year has been no exception.  Thanksgiving will be here soon, and this is what I have completed, so far:

Three pair of Lumberjack Socks, by: tincanknits.  I found this pattern last year, and knit two pair for my husband's birthday.  He has loved them, so gift socks were knit for this season.  Each pair is planned for different friend.  They are all knit of Berroco Vintage DK.

Maris Stella Lace Shawl, by Anna Victoria, to be gifted to another dear friend, and presented with a Treble Clef Shawl Pin.  This was a fun knit on a long circular needle.  It was my first experience with gradient yarn.  Knit of KnitPicks Stroll in the color - Sea You Later.  It was really fun to watch the colors slowly change, as you knit along.

I've started a new cardigan too.  Currently, my favorite sweater designer is Anne Hanson.  Of my collection of hand-knit sweaters, Leaving, is the sweater that I wear the most.  So I've decided to knit another of Anne's designs, Herringweave.
I thought this was the most beautiful design, and I've chosen to knit it out of Wollemeise DK, in the color Grunfink.  There is a man's pullover style included, and if I'm happy with mine, I plan to knit one for my husband too.  The Herringbone stitch pattern in unlike anything I've ever knit, and I just love the way it looks and feels.  Here is what I have knit of the back, so far:

It is always so fun to try something new.  There is no chance of growing bored with this one.  Anne is truly a knitting wizard.

Pictures of my newly updated kitchen are still to come.  We are having wood floors installed in the breakfast area and living room in the next few weeks, so everything is a complete mess right now.  This is the final step, and I just can't wait to decorate for Christmas.  We will be travelling to our daughter's house for Thanksgiving, which is a good thing, because I couldn't cook a thing at my house right now.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all of my readers.

November 09, 2017


It is the end of a very busy Summer, and as things are settling into a slower, colder, season, I'm feeling the neglect of this little Blog.  Although I've been away for over a year, I haven't even once slowed down on my knitting (the passion of my lifetime).

Here is what I have been doing . . .

Just before Thanksgiving last year, I went on a week-long vacation with my sisters and Mom to Park City.  If you are a skier, you've probably been there before, and you know that it is a little, old mining town turned high-end ski resort.  We stayed at the Marriott resort and spent the week shopping in their little boutiques, cooking together, crafting, and laughing.  It was a great time for us to spend together.  In one of those boutique shops, I ran into the most beautiful, fashion knits.  The one thing that really caught my eye, was a hand-knit ski hat with a real fur pom-pom.  The hat was $250.00 (a little rich for my tastes).

When we returned home, I couldn't stop thinking about those cute ski hats, so I went on a search on the Internet for real fur pom poms.  I found the most beautiful, raccoon pom poms, I ordered them and I was "off to the races". Here they are, one for each of my daughters and grand-daughter.

They were really fun to knit, and at the end of the season I was even able to make one for me.  However, there were no raccoon pom-poms left, so mine is gray with a gray rabbit pom-pom.

For Christmas gifts for my grand-children I made each of them a pillowcase with their name appliqued on.  This with a new pillow was the perfect gift.  I made 11 of them.  9 for our grandchildren and a set for my husband to use when he is hunting.
I also tried out a little "wool applique", making this pumpkin pillow from a kit, for my kitchen bench.  Although that bench looks completely different now, since we have changed-up our kitchen during the Summer (pictures of finished product to come).  I worked on this pillow while we were on a hunting trip to Texas, where I also knit Lumberjack Socks  for my husband's birthday.

Then I launched into the knitting of a Derica Kane Sweater, and an  Effervescence Cardigan.  Both knit in conjunction with a Custom Fit Pattern.

Well, that should certainly be enough over-load for now . . . but, I'll be back soon, with pictures of my newly styled kitchen, my Summer knitting projects, and what I'm working on now.

September 12, 2016

I'm back . . . . . .

Summer has been busy, busy, busy . . . . for me.  Thus, my neglect of blogging.  But I'm back, just in-time to dive into Fall and Christmas knitting.

You may think I've gone through a knitting slump, with the business of Summer, but that is never the case for me.  Whether vacationing, camping, or working like crazy at my full-time job or just in the garden . . . I am ALWAYS knitting.

Here are the sweaters I've been knitting on this Summer:
This short cardigan was based on "Flame Stitch Cardigan", designed by Shirley Paden.  The actual pattern came from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005.  I knit mine of Wollemeise Twin in Rust.  I didn't like the way the pattern was written, so I took the flame stitch design, and created my own sweater design, with the ultimate goal to have a sweater that looked very similar to the original.  I'm really happy with the outcome.  It fits perfectly.  I knit the sweater to wear with a dress I received from my children for Mother's Day.  A black and creme batik print.  However, I ran out of yarn before I could knit the sleeves and ended up making it into a vest.  This could not be worn with the desired dress, so I spent most of the Summer waiting for more yarn to be dyed in the same color.  I guess I'll get more wear out of it next year.
This sweater came from a free pattern provided at the Knit, Wear, Love Retreat in Monterrey California.  It is "Curlew", designed by Amy Herzog.  Mine is knit of Shibui Knits Staccato and Shibui Knits Angora, held together, in the color Lime.  I thought I might have been a bit off on the fit, but now that I look at the picture of Amy in the pattern, mine has the perfect fit.  This sweater was knit from cuff to cuff.  A completely different method for me.  Knit in this direction, the sweater stretchiness is from top to bottom.  I'll have to get used to this, as if feels strange when you are wearing it.
This cardigan was based on "Sunshower Cardigan" designed by Andi Satterland and purchased through KnitPicks.  Mine is knit from Wollemeise Twin.  The pattern was constructed from the top down and I knit mine from the bottom up, thus border pattern is upside-down, but I'm fine with that.  It is another short cardigan and perfect to wear with summer dresses.  

The first Knit Night of the 2016-17 season was held on the first day of September.  We'll be knitting some cute little critters as our Knit-a-long this year.  Here is my little sample for the group.  It appears there will be monkeys, elephants, bears, mice and rabbits by the end of the year.  I'll be sure to share all of the pictures when they are finished.
This is what I'm knitting on right now.  It is "Derica-Cane", designed by Bonnie Marie Burns.  However, as usual, I'm only using the lace design from the pattern, and I'm creating my own bottom-up cardigan with the a Custom-Fit pattern.  For me, this is the perfect way to get a good fit.  I'm knitting with Wollemeise Pure in the color Seaside.
Despite all of the craziness this year, we were still able to fit in a trip to the Mountain Man Rendezvous in Ft. Bridger, WY.  We had a great time, and of course, I did a lot of knitting.
I'm gearing up to do some Christmas knitting for some of my smaller grandchildren.  This little cardigan is: "Gingersnap", designed by Kristen Rettig.  It is a free pattern, and perfect for using up all of the yarn scraps in your stash.  I'm planning four of these little darlings in a variety of colors.

Keep me posted on what you will be knitting for Christmas.  Happy Knitting!