October 20, 2014

Pumpkins & Halloween

This post, I'm going to start with my Fall knitting progress. For the Fall Festival Knitting KAL, sponsored by Custom Fit, I have decided to knit "Leaving",  designed by Anne Hanson.  I'm knitting it with Lisa Souza Baby Alpaca Silk, in the colorway "Cranalicious.

It is hard to tell from the photos, but the color includes gray, wine and just a dash of coral.  I've been working on it for about 4 weeks, and it is coming along.  I have the back, sleeves and 3/4 of the front pieces knit.  If I could just focus on one project at a time, it would be long finished.  But . . . you know me, I have to be working on at least 3 things at a time.  "Focus . . . Lori . . . focus".  The KAL wraps up on November 15, so I hope to be finished and wearing this cardigan by then.
This is one of my distractions.  The The Salt Lake Knitting Guild has started a KAL of their own.  Everyone is knitting one of 3 difference shawl patterns together.  I have chosen The Flowering Weeds Shawl, designed by Karalee Harding.  I'm knitting it in black, which totally makes me blind, with lace weight yarn and small needles.  I'm knitting it of Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk.  

In addition, we started a fun yarn switch at the Guild, where everyone brought 100 yards of yarn in a plain brown paper bag, and we switched them around.  Everyone is to knit something to return to the yarn's original owner.  I selected 2 skeins of a superwash wool.  I'll be digging through my patterns, to find the perfect thing to knit of this yarn.

We have made several trips to the local pumpkin patch over the past several weeks.  It was fun to look through hundreds of pumpkins for just that perfect one for carving.
We've decored the house for my favorite holiday, and we set up an evening for carving.
I whipped up a batch of caramel apples, and we gathered up all the tools for pumpkin carving last night.  I even purchased a beater attachment for our electric drill, for cleaning out the innards of the pumpkins.  It was so slick, it cleaned those pumpkins out lickety, split!

You can see that we had a great time, even though there was a lot of photo-bombing going on. It is a great season, even for knitting. Happy Knitting!

October 03, 2014

The Witch Knit 2014

It is that time of year again! Time for the 3rd Annual "Witch Knit". Our yearly coven gathered again last night. Such a fun time. Great costumes, great food, lots of laughs, and even some knitting. Check out the fun:

First Place Costume Winner -- Jeri
Second Place Costume Winner -- Judy 
Third Place Costume Winner -- Emery
I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the prizes.  They were darling!  Carolyn made 3 witch hat Halloween advent calendars.  Each cardboard witch hat was painted, and 13 candy treats were tied to the brim in brightly printed ribbons.  A treat for each days - for the 13 days leading up to Halloween.  Such fun prizes to win.  It made it totally worth the effort of dressing up in your best witch attire. 
We had a few more attendees, but I had to save my best news for last.

My daughter has her Halloween costume all ready too.  Look  . . .  we are expecting granchild #7 and #8!  Sooooooo exciting!!
Everyone was working on their "Lady Kina" sweaters.  Such beautiful colors!  One was even nearing completion.  The KAL is clipping along.  We'll soon have pictures of everyone wearing them.  Such good knitters!
You would think I lived in Seattle, instead of the desert of Salt Lake City.  We had torrential downpours all during the months of August and September.  There was a lot of flooding, and this most beautiful rainbow.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  I've never seen such a bright, full rainbow!  Each color was completely defined.  Even purple.

Our grandsons were even able to go kayaking in the makeshift lake at the water retension park near our house.  I love the rain, and with the exception of the hale storm that I was afraid would dent my car, it has been very enjoyable.

My "Leaving" cardigan is coming along nicely.  I'm at week 3, and I've just completed the sleeves.  The back is done, and I'm about to start on the front pieces.  Knit from Lisa Souza's Alpaca Silk, it has been a dream to knit.  I should easily have it finished by the end of the Custom Fit Fall Festival Sweater KAL on November 15.  I hope you are all enjoying your Fall knitting.  Happy Knitting!

September 25, 2014

"Leaving" is Coming

My "Leaving" cardigan by Anne Hanson is coming along.  Knit of Lisa Souza's Baby Alpaca Silk in the colorway "Cranilicious".
The back is finished, and I have started knitting the sleaves.  I've followed the pattern shaping up to the point where Custom Fit shaping takes over.  So fun to knit.  I love the lace design, and the yarn is a dream to work with.  It is a lace weight yarn, knit on size US 5 needles, so it is fine gauge, and does not knit up quickly.  But . . . I'm sure it will be worth it in the end, as I love wearing finer gauged sweaters.
You can easily see that I have trouble keeping my lace holes consistent.  When creating a yarn-over from purl to knit, I get a much smaller hole, that when creating a yarn-over from knit to purl, or purl to purl.  I guess I am consistent in the stitches always coming out the same.  I'm open to suggestions, if you have a method for keeping your lace holes consistently the same size, please let me know. 
I've found a home for my first "Lady Kina" sample.  It was the perfect fit for Ellie.  I'm sure she'll put it to good use.  Her Mom is purchasing a matching skirt, so I hope to have some better pictures of Ellie wearing her sweater soon. 
 My "Knit Night" Group is having some knitting successes.  Kathy and Jennifer finished their "Poor Baby" KAL sweaters.  They are just in-time for the arrival of Jennifer's new baby girl (Kathy's first grandchild).  They thought these were more boy colors, but I think they will be just darling on a baby girl!  They both did such a great job knitting these little sweaters.  You would never guess they were beginner knitters.  It won't be long, and they will be experts. 
Jill (Ellie's Mom), just finished this darling baby romper.  It is so cute with the matching pumpkin hat.  Just perfect for a baby to be born in mid-October.  Jill is quite the expert knitter.  I can't wait to knit this pattern myself.  I just need a new grandchild to give me purpose.  
Jennifer has been working hard, turning WIP's (works in progress) into FO's (finished objects).  Look at these darling little quilts, all hand-pieced.  Her baby in coming to a very talented Mother.

It is turning into a beautiful Fall.  The perfect season for knitting!  Happy Knitting!

September 15, 2014

Fall Knitting Begins

Congratulations to Audrey Allen, the WINNER of my latest "Poor Baby Sweater" Giveaway. All she had to do to win, was become a "follower" of this blog. Audrey is a newlywed, who has just become the Mother of 5 beautiful children. She is so happy, and hopes to add some additional children to her family soon. Perhaps this little sweater will be of more use to her, than most (that is if she has at least one girl, little boys don't generally like wearing bright pink).

Fall is definitely in the air. My garden is producing like gang-busters. I have spaghetti squash, eggplant, grape tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and green beans coming out of my ears. I'm quickly filling my freezer with green beans and sundried tomatoes. The mountains around us are turning a brilliant shade of orange, and night is arriving a little sooner each day.

I love this time of year! It's always so inspiring to start planning those cozy autumn sweaters. No concern about the weather, and if it will be much too hot to wear them. It's always fun to wear a snuggly sweater, when you are leasurely knitting another.

I've joined the "Custom Fit Fall Festival Knit-a-Long".  The sweater I am going to knit for this KAL is "Leaving" by Anne Hanson This will be my 2014 F2F #7.
I'm knitting it out of Lisa Souza - Baby Alpaca Silk in the color "Cranilicious".  This picture doesn't do the color justice.  It is a rich blend of rusts and grays.  The perfect Fall combination.

It is an A-line design, so I am following the pattern as written, up to where "Custom Fit" shaping starts.
This is what I have done on the back.  It is moving along quickly, since I just started yesterday.  The pattern is beautifully written.  The KAL runs from September 1 through November 15, so I should be able to finish, even though I'll be knitting with small sized needles (US4 to 6).

I've finished my "Lady Kina" sweater, which I knit in a "growing leaves" pattern.  It was knit of KnitPicks - Comfy Worsted, in the color "Doe".  I was afraid it wouldn't fit me, since I didn't read the pattern carefully to start, and later realized the sizing was in French.  Luckily some good blocking to stretch out the leaves, has made the sweater just my size.  I'm so excited to wear it.

This is the sweater to be knit by my "Knit Night" Group.  We started our KAL on September 4.  There were so many beautiful yarns of every color, there that night.  I just can't wait to see all of their progress at our "Witch Knit" on October 2.  I had missed seeing all of these ladies over the Summer, but we are right back "in the groove" again.  I had started my sweater in early September, so I had a head start.  Along with a sample version, which I knit for my Grand-daughter, I was hoping to work out the bugs in the pattern before everyone else started.  I'm so glad I did!  Otherwise, everyone would be knitting the wrong size.
In addition, the Salt Lake Knitting Guild has started a KAL too.  I have chosen the "Flowering Weeds Shawl" by Karalee Harding.  I'll be getting this started soon too.  You know me . . . never happy unless I have at least 5 wips (works in progress) at all times. 

In case you are wondering . . . my "Stella Pullover" is still on the needles.  I'm working on the sleeves, and this has become my perfect "take-a-long" project.  I'll continue to work on it, as time goes by.  Hopefully, it will be ready for next Summer.

Well, I've put up all of my Halloween decorations, and I'm planning costumes for several of the grandchildren, along with mine.  We'll all soon be taking trips to the pumpkin patch.  I hope your Fall is kicking off to a great start, like mine!  Happy Knitting!