September 22, 2015

Summer is Running Away!

I can't believe it has been an entire month since I've blogged.  Summer is "running" out of my life. . . .
One really good thing about the "end of Summer",... is the cooler weather.  I'm always anxious to get back into my sweaters.
The last month has been a flurry of activity.  I knit this shawl for a friend, who had become frustrated with the pattern.  I thought it was really fun to knit, and she was so excited to get it back.  She is planning to use it when sitting in meetings, when the air-conditioning is running too high.
I finished crocheting a Blessing Dress, Bonnet and Booties for my expected Grand-daughter.  She should be arriving in early October.  It was a trick, as the pattern was written for a small doll, so I had to resize it.  I think it will be really cute on her, and luckily, her Mom loved it.
We've had some really rainy days.  It is always fun to play, barefoot in the puddles, and to float home-made boats in the gutter.  Even when your Grandmother only has a flowery umbrella.

Alivia is "3", and it was her turn to make a trip to "Build-a-bear".  She named her little bear "Cookie", and she even has pink glasses, just like Aliva.  We had such a good time, and Alivia was sure to eat all of crunchy stuff on the stick of all our corndogs.
There is nothing like dancing in a field of BUBBLES on a warm evening.

We spent some time in the Idaho Falls Zoo.  A small zoo that is just the right size for a non-zoo loving Grandma.

I spent an evening with all of my kids and grandkids at the West Jordan Demolition Derby.  It was a first for us, but we quickly discovered this is the perfect activity for people of all ages.  We spent all of the time before the show began taking selfies.
It was really fun and really loud!  Little Zoey made good use of our noise-cancelling headphones.  We had to protect her new little ears.  The rest of us were yelling just as loud as the engine noise and crashing of the demo trucks.  This was "do-again" activity.  We all had so much fun!
School is back in session.  This was 3-year old, Alivia's first ride on the school bus.  She has started attending the State Funded Head Start Program.  This is the first time in my lift, that I was thankful that we have to pay taxes.

Zeke and Hayden are now wearing their "Robinhood Sweaters".  It was a long wait, but it is finally cool enough that these sweaters are of good use.  They both look so cute in them, and they love them too.
I've started me Fall Knitting.  "Alecia Beth" in Wollmeise, in the color "Vamp".  This is my swatch, knit on US 4 needles.  The needles are small and the yarn is fine.  This one is going to take a while.

This is the perfect lunch . . . a hamburger, a good book, and a fun knit.  You can see that my "Alecia Beth" is coming right along.

It has been a really busy month.  Hopefully I'll be back before another month has passed.  Happy Knitting!

August 21, 2015

Busy, Busy . . . Babies Coming

It has been a busy few weeks! Knitting, knitting & knitting.  I have a small pile of completed baby knits, all ready for the arrival of few new babies in my life.  The funnest knitting ever, are little baby things.  They are always soft and cozy . . . and knit-up in a quick hurry.
Two little pumpkin picking suits for my grand-daughter and great nephew.  They are all set to arrive in September and October.  Just in time for a trip to the pumpkin patch!  Please send me lots of pictures of them!  They are both knit of the softest merino/cashmere blend KnitPicks Capra, and created from the pattern Small Things Romper, by Carina Spencer.  I added some little pumpkin hats, as I'm sure it will be cool and windy on those early autumn evenings. Knit from one of my free ravelry patterns Lil Pumpkin Hat.
In addition, I have a good start on this little crocheted blessing dress.  I started it with a soft, washable acrylic yarn, but soon decided the lace wouldn't stand out, so I switch to "Skinny Cotton".  It made such a difference.  The yarn was leftover from my "Botanical Medallion Vest", and I quick ran out.  I've ordered some additional skeins and will just need to finish up the sleeves and make the hat, diaper cover and booties.  Once blocked, this will be added to the pile of little baby things.  The funny thing about this pattern, is it is written for a doll.  No instruction on size, yarn or hook size.  I've pretty much had to size it myself.  I should have just written my own pattern.
In addition, I've been doing a bit of "knitting for hire".  An Ohio Grandmother contacted me wanting two "Poor Baby Swearters".  She was expecting two new grandbabies in the month of August.  I quickly cast-on, and had these two little beauties ready to mail in about a week.  I hope her little ones enjoy them!

I finished my Tolt Folded Bag, by Veronika Jobe.  Knit from HOOOKED Ribbon XL, on US 15 needles.  The yarn felt and looked just like cotton shoelaces.  It knit up fast, and was sewn together in such a creative way.  I am going to use and love this little shoulder bag.  It will be my "Knit Night" knit-a-long for Fall 2015.  A great beginner project, that won't be too overwhelming.  Our group doesn't meet during the Summer, so I am so excited to see everyone again, and to enjoy some winter evenings filled with laughter, story-telling, knitting and treats.  Watch for the 2015 pictures of our Annual Witch Knit . . . coming soon.
I've finished up my Poncho Sweater, by rix-strixerier too.  It turned out just like the picture on the pattern, and I am so happy with it.  Knit of Rasmilla Luksusgarn in Charcoal and KnitPicks Aloft Super Kid Mohair in Carbon.  The two yarns were held together and knit, creating a warm, light, super soft fabric, with lots of drape.  It will be my perfect "go to the movies" apparel.  The cuffs will keep it in place, and will make it easy to reach the popcorn.  No more dragging a blanket to the movies . . . I'll be cozy and comfortable.
I've got a pile of yarn to put on the winder.  This one will be for me, and I can't wait to get started.  There is nothing like starting a new project.
An Alecia Beth, by Justyna Lorkowska, just for me.  I need to get swatching, so I can assure a perfect fit.

I hope your Summer is coming to a smooth, memorable end.  School is starting and the days are getting shorter.  There is just a touch of Fall in the air.  Happy Knitting!

August 07, 2015

The Year of the Grandbaby

It has been a great year, so far . . . twin grandbabies in April, and a new baby girl expected in October. I'm expecting to hear of a new Grand-Nephew, born any minute, and another expected in September.  As always, new babies create a flurry of baby knits.
Grandchild #9 will be sporting this little Romper.  She will be named after her Dad, and GrandDad. She has been trying to make an early arrival, and everything is being done to keep her in the oven until October.  In addition, she is measuring small, which may just mean she is taking after her Mom.  We are excited to meet her!
You may remember that I made these for the Twins, back at the first of the year.  The Twins came home from the hospital in them, and have worn them for many special occasions.

However, they are 5 month old now, and have both grown out of them.

Small Things Romper, designed by Carina Spencer, has become my favorite baby knitting pattern.  I discovered it, when my Cousin Jill was knitting one for her friend.  Thank you Jill, I'm sure I will be knitting these for years to come. You may have seen on Instagram or Facebook, the first of two little pumpkin suits, that are "in process".  They should be finished soon.
This is the blessing dress, which has been requested for that new little Granddaughter.  It is just beautiful.  When I purchased the pattern, I discovered it was a pattern for a doll.  I haven't crocheted for a while, and I'll need to upsize the dress and bonnet.  Hopefully, I will be successful . . . we'll see.  I hope to get started in the next week, or so.
This hasn't been the best year for our vegetable garden, even with all of the Spring rain.  However, it has been a great year for the flowers on my deck.  The marigolds were planted from seeds harvested from last years flowers.  The other pots were given to my Husband, by our local nursery, because they appeared to be completely dead.  He has nursed them all back to health.  They are really beautiful. The strawberries have done well this year too, you can just see them in the side of the picture.

Also, seen on Instagram/Facebook, you may have seen the big pile of beautiful yarn I just received in the mail from Germany.  It is the first time a package of yarn has needed a signature from the UPS guy.  It is my first batch of Wollmeise, in the color "Vamp".  I am so excited to get started knitting it.  I've seen so many sweaters on Ravelry knit from this beautiful yarn, and many are calling it their "Desert Island Yarn".  From the look and feel of it, I expect to be claiming the same.
This is the pattern photo of Alecia Beth, designed by Justyna Lorkowska, which will be knit up in my new Wollmeise, in a bright red (Vamp).  I can't wait, but as you can see above, I have quite a pile of knitting that must be completed first.  In addition, I received an order this morning for two "Poor Baby Sweaters", which must be knit, packaged and mailed by the end of the month.  I better get cracking . . .Happy Knitting!

July 10, 2015

Even When It's HOT . . .

Even when it's HOT, you'll find me somewhere knitting.  Sometimes, I'm parked under a shady tree on my lunch hour . . . knitting away.  Sometimes, I'm sitting on the deck with a cold drink in the evenings . . . knitting away.  Sometimes, I'm on a long car or plane ride, watching the sights go by, and . . . knitting away.  If I have a minute to myself, you'll always find me knitting, and often reading too.  It is never too hot, or too cold to knit.  If it is too hot to hold the project in my lap while knitting, I simply flip the piece over the arm of the chair or put it on a table.  If it is really cold, I've been known to knit my gloves right into the project. (I need to knit some fingerless gloves for cold weather knitting).

Knitting is my ZEN.  It helps me to relax, refocus, and just generally be a nicer person.

I've just finished my most recent projects.  Two "Robin Hood Jackets, by Zoe Mellor".  I've knit many of these jackets over the years, but it is one of those patterns that I just keep returning too.  It's really warm, knit in a bulky yarn, and everyone just loves wearing it in the Fall and Spring, when it is not cold enough for a coat.  It is fun to knit and knits up really fast.  Since it is 100 degrees in SLC right now, I do not have pictures of Zeke and Hayden wearing their jackets, but I'll hope to post some pictures in the Fall.

I've got a good start on my next project, "The Poncho Sweater", by rix-strixerier.  I'm knitting it in "Rasmilla Luksusgarn" (Charcoal), and "KnitPicks Aloft Super Kid Mohair" (Carbon).  The two yarns are held together, and are so smooth to knit with.  I plan to wear this poncho to the movies, as no matter the time of year, the theaters are always soooooo cold.  I'm guessing the theaters don't want people falling asleep during the movie and requesting a refund ticket.  I always have to drag a blanket along, or enjoying the movie is nearly impossible.  I hope my new movie poncho will do the trick.

I've also been working on the "Tolt Folded Bag", but Veronika Jobe.  This will be my "Knit Night", KAL, to begin in September.  The bag is knit on large needles of "Hoooked" yarn.  The yarn feels just like cotton shoelaces, and is really fun to knit with.  I'm thinking it is the perfect project for T-Shirt yarn too, so those in my group will have some options for making their's.
I've been struggling to find the perfect filler, to stabilize the handle.  I think I finally found it . . . I'm using a flexible, reusable straw, that you find in refillable cold drink mugs.  They are strong, yet flexible and one can easily be sewn into the handle for stability, yet it will be comfortable on the shoulder.  

I have another grand-daughter due in October, so I need to start knitting some cute little baby things for her.  I have a fun "girls only" trip planned for later this month, perhaps I'll have time to start on them then.  Little baby knits make the perfect travel projects.  Keep cool . . and Happy Knitting!

June 25, 2015

New Baby Alpacas

We have two three new baby alpacas (crea).  Both born earlier this month, within a week of each other.
 This Cocoa Bean (Momma) and Tootsie Pop (baby girl)
 This is Twinkie (baby girl) daughter of Licorice Whip
Kissing cousins
Just as I made this post, I received information that we had another arrival.  This little girl was late to the party, but better late than never.  She is the daughter of Cupcake, and we are going to call her "Candy Sprinkles".  Such a great year for us . . . 3 new alpaca babies, and all girls.

I've found a dyer for our yarn.  I met her at the Salt Lake City Knitter's Guild.  Sarah Marsden of Intrepid Tulips.  Check out her website.  She does beautiful, hand-dyed yarns, and she agreed to experiment with some of our worsted alpaca yarn.
 This is what the original, raw yarn looked like, when I passed it off to her.
This is what I received back from her.  She selected the colors, and I think they are just beautiful!  I'm so excited about the way she painted the yarn, and how it took the color.  I have enough to make a striped sweater and some smaller items, such as scarves or hats.  Now to find the perfect striped pattern.  Perhaps I'll have to gather some inspiration and design my own. I hope we'll be working together again.  She gave me some great suggestions for having future fleece processed.  She is such a wealth of knowledge, and I can't wait to learn more from her in the future.

The first of two Robinhood Sweaters is complete.  It looks rather blue in the pictures, as they were taken at twilight.  However, the yarn is actually a medium gray.  This sweater/jacket is for Zeke.  He is so excited as it has the perfect fit, but he'll have to wait until Fall to actually wear it, as it is close to 100 degrees in SLC.  He has also requested a gray/blue striped scarf to wear too.  I don't think it will ever be cold enough to wear them both together.
This is the second of two Robinhood Sweaters, a work in progress (WIP).  This one is for Hayden, and will work up much faster, as she is only 2 years old.  It is nice to change the color I am knitting with, as these chunky yarns and large needles are a bit hard on the hands.  I'll be happy to return to knitting with a finer gauge yarn on smaller needles.
This will be my next knitting project "Poncho Sweater", designed by rix-strixerier.  I've ordered the suggested yarn Rasmilla Luksusgarn and Mohair by Canard Brushed Lace.  Both came from a foreign website in Sweden.  It was rather tricky placing an order, when you cannot read the language,  and you need to convert the currancy, but it all worked out fine, as I have received the yarn, and can't wait to get started on it.  It is my plan to wear this garment when I go to the movies, as it is always freezing cold in movie theatres, even in the Summer.

There has been a lot of chatter on blogs and Ravelry about Wollmeise yarn.  Many have called it their "desert island yarn" . . . meaning if they were stranded on a desert island, this would be their choice as the thing to have with them.  It does produce the most beautiful sweaters, with fabulous stitch definition.  It has been floating around in my head, and I'm hoping to get a sweater's worth for an upcoming project.

Our little twins are really growing.  I just can't resist sharing a few pictures with you.  Thanks for stopping by.  Leave me a comment, as I'd love to know where you are all from.  Happy Knitting!